About the company

UKRRICHFLOT is a shipping company with its own infrastructure which provides integrated logistics solutions using the Dnipro river.

Our mission focuses upon modern development of the oldest and the most ecological waterway of Ukraine – the Dnipro river.

Ship repair
Integrated logistics
UKRRICHFLOT is not merely a shipping company. It is an integrated logistic operator with assets including both a variety of different elements of transport infrastructure (ports, fleet of various types and navigation areas, floating loading and unloading devices (cranes)) and highly professional personnel to its credit. The company is able to adjust to any logistic preferences of clients quickly and flexibly and implement integrated solutions of any complexity with the help of a combination of its assets.
Existing container logistics
Container turnover of Ukraine (export, import, transit) is, on average, 700 thousand TEU annually. Of which, about 65% TEU is forwarded to regions adjoining the Dnipro river, as well as in the reverse direction.

Herewith, almost 100% of container flow is transported through the territory of Ukraine by trucks and railway transport, resulting in increased pollution and motorways deterioration.
Dnipropetrovsk silo
Ukrrichflot has its own modern grain silo, with a capacity of 30 000 tonnes, which is located in Dnipropetrovsk, at the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk river port (subsidiary of Ukrrichflot). The silo was built in accordance with modern technology and has all the necessary production facilities for high quality processing of all types of agricultural crops. The silo laboratory is equipped with new high-precision instruments for quick and precise measurement of incoming products quality. The silo is able to perform cargo reception from trucks and railway transport, as well as load to water, trucks and railway transport. The silo capacities enable processing of more than 2 000 tonnes of grain cargo daily.


The Fleet is one of the key links of the integrated logistic chain. Our fleet consists of 3 main groups:

1) River fleet performing carriage via the Dnipro river, Danube, with entry into coastal sea waters («Р», «О», «О-pr» classes).

2) Sea-river – Convention fleet performing carriage between river ports and ports of other countries in international trade transactions.

3) Tugs and auxiliary-service fleet which are engaged in additional (auxiliary) services (such as bunkering, collecting sludge/bilge, towing, etc. at the Company’s ports).
Ports of Ukrrichflot
Ukrrichflot includes 5 major river ports: Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Nikopol, Kherson and Mykolaiv.

Three ports (Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Nikopol) are situated in industrial export-forming regions and serve as the gates for import cargo flow.

Two ports (Kherson and Mykolaiv) are situated in Dnipro and South Bug estuaries. These ports work the whole year-round and specialize both in standard types of harbor services and roadstead transshipments.

Ukrrichflot is one of the major players in the Ukrainian river sand market.

The Company owns a number of river sand deposits of 249 million tonnes in total (it is about 12% of officially explored river sand deposits in Ukraine by estimate). The company also has an advanced, highly efficient infrastructure of sand extraction, transportation and sales from its own ports.

Our sand is a high quality product and is widely used in construction.
Ship repair
One of the main activities of the Company is provision of ship repairs services. Companies belonging to the JSSC «Ukrrichflot» are located on the Black Sea (Kherson) and the Dnipro River (Zaporizhzhia and Dnipropetrovsk). A long and successful experience of operation, significant technological and human resource potential enables to carry out repairs of varying complexity for river and river-sea vessels, tugs and barges, yachts and cruising fleet. Main areas of expertise of the Company’s shipyards are:
  • - hull works;
  • - mechanical works;
  • - electric works;
  • - hatch cover repairs;
  • - repairs of vessels’ working and living premises.
In course of preparation, placement and execution of orders for repairs, the Company is guided by the principles of maximum attention to the customer’s needs, namely:
  • - flexibility of pricing policy;
  • - punctuality of order completion;
  • - individual approach to each client.


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